Shingles Suck!

Shingles Suck


That they do…SUCK!  On the evening of April 18, 2013, my kids were sleeping and it was mommy’s time to wind down.  I took a nice looooong hot shower (it’s not very often I get to take a long shower, let alone a loooong shower)  The house is quiet and peaceful, I am one happy momma!  As I’m drying my back I could feel a spot where the towel had just went over that felt tender.  I reached my hand back and felt a few bumps.  I attempted looking in the mirror at it and I couldn’t.  I thought maybe I had a couple of mean zits (back zits are so gross)  They weren’t really bothering me so, I got my pj’s on and laid in bed and watched TV until I fell asleep.


The next morning the hubby was home from work and I asked him to look at the zits on my back (I’m sure he was elated I asked).  His words exactly “Um those aren’t zits and I wouldn’t touch them”   They still weren’t really bothering me, maybe a little itchy.  All day Friday no issue, and I really didn’t think much of it, figured it was a bug bite.


Saturday morning I got up and the left side of my back around my ribs to the front stopping between (the girls) felt like someone had kicked me repeatedly.  The actual “shingles” rash wasn’t bothering me, just the muscles.  I continued on with my day and Sunday I wasn’t feeling any better.  Went to a walk-in clinic, one look the doc says “Oh yeah that’s Shingles”   I had heard so many horror stories of having shingles, my first thought was….”Is this going to get worse????”



Shingles Suck

The actual Shingles on my back =(


As you can see from the gross photo, the Shingles will be raised up like a blister.  Once the blisters “pop”, and dries up/scabs over it will go away.  This process could take days or even weeks.  It’s very itchy and if you scratch it, it burns really really really bad.  (so don’t do it!)  I also didn’t see a doctor until day four; they usually like to start treatment within 48hrs of the blisters appearing.

Doc prescribed a topical lidocaine, and Valtrex.   Needless to say when I went to the pharmacy, I made sure they knew I needed the Valtrex for Shingles…hahaha  I’m lucky, I haven’t had the severe debilitating  nerve pain.  I figure I’ve pushed three babies out of my body; this couldn’t hurt worse than that.  Could it?  In some cases it can, I suppose it just depends on the severity of it.


I’ve also heard so many times that Shingles usually occurs in the elderly.  In my opinion ANYONE who has had chicken pox, can get Shingles no matter what your age.  Thirty-three maybe old to some, but it’s not close to being elderly.  Ha ha  Hope you enjoyed my gross Shingle story.


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  1. Oh no! I’m so sorry, I’ve heard shingles can be really horrible. I hope you recover quickly!

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