DIY Space Saver Bags!

How many of us have bought space saver bags???  They are great right??  Want to get them cheaper???  My husband and I were going through closets and the garage, doing a little spring cleaning.  We started making piles of clothes and blankets, that are currently not being used.


DIY Space Saver


Got our box of garbage bags (just plain ol’ white 13gal bags) and started stuffing..


DIY Space Saver

Didn’t my hubby do a great job?!?


Try to get your items in the bag in a nice even format..the best you can.  Take your vacuum cleaner hose and shove it right inside the bag, holding the bag around the hose.  Our son Dalton was the designated vacuum turner on-er otherwise known as “Dalton -the super sucker”, ( we literally had to call him this each time we need him to turn on the vacuum…lol)  Once all the air is out, and the items in the bag feel almost hard, turn off the vacuum.



DIY Space Saver

DIY Space Saver











BE SURE to keep a FIRM grip on the bag, so as not to lose any air out of it!!  You can close the bag a couple of different ways…

1.  Twist and twist the end and tie it in a knot.

2.  Twist and twist and wrap a very durable rubber band around it, make sure you wrap it plenty of times otherwise the air will leak out.


DIY Space Saver


As you can see in the photo, my daughter was mesmerized by the bags!  She just had to touch it, and hold it!  LOL  If anything it was great entertainment for my kids.  haha

DIY Space Saver












1 Space Saver Bag   about $4.50/ea

35 “space saver” garbage bags $5.86


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  1. Great tip! Thanks for sharing!

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